15 Days, Pearls of Balkan


A trip in the Balkans is a time travel with an unusually large and rich part of the past . During the journey we encounter traces of Greek, Roman and Ottoman empires. We'll visit parts of the Muslim culture as mosques, and christians Orthodox and Catholic Churches and all the other old buildings. Through conversations , attractions and travel through rural and urban areas , we get an understanding of the enormous diversity of the region and how the region's history affected the culture and development.

We travel by bus through three countries , and nowhere is the difference so great as here in this area, because it is so clear that you can see and record. In Sarajevo, it is the best example of how all three religions existed side by side for centuries where mosques, churches and synagogues to " collide " with the space Ottoman bazaars and architectural splendor of the ancient kingdom of the Austro - Hungarian Empire .

The Western Balkans is also one of the finest in Europe corners. Mostar is one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans , which was named after the bridge keepers ( originally : Mostari ) kept the Stari Most (Old Bridge ) over Neretva river. We will visit the deepest fjord in Southern Europe , Montenegro , Kotor and Dubrovnik along tremendously beautiful Montenegrin and Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea. There will be plenty of time for rest, recreation , and entertainment that you get this amazing journey inevitably gives.

Additional Information:

  • The tour duration can be customized to your needs as a "week-tour" 8 days / 7 nights, 10 days / 9 or 10 nights 21 days / 20 or 21 nights or according to your wishes for a longer period. Contact us to customize to your needs.

  • The tour can be organized with transportation, as well as other airports in the region for the group. See offer or contact us for more information and prices.

  • The tour can be organized in conjunction with other activities. View our offers or contact us to customize according to your needs and fulfill desires.


DAY 1 - 3     SARAJEVO / Arrival
The first day of the trip is simply the day of arrival without any organized activities. You get time to relax and see some of the sights you might want to add to your trip. The city of Sarajevo, fascinntna mix of western and eastern cultures. Known as the " Jerusalem of Europe " , the city was once known for its religious diversity, with people of Muslim , Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish faiths coexist in relative peace for centuries. The atmosphere of peace and tolerance changed dramatically when violence broke out in the mid -1990s , and the city passed the longest siege in modern military history during the Yugoslav war.

On the way to Montenegro , we will visit an ancient city. Ancient Time culture in Pljevlja area dates starting in 20,000 BC in the tops river Ćehotina . Significant archaeological testimonies are burial mounds ( tumuli ) in Liver Tara, Gotovuša and Borovica.

Pljevlja the centuries changed its urban character , economic physiognomy and the name . During the medieval state, the settlement was called Breznik ( got its name Breznica - river ) . At the time of the Ottoman Empire Pljevlja bore the name Taslidža (TAS - Stone Ilidža - Health well). But during the Ottoman period was used both names of settlements. Pljevljas wealth is cultural-historical monuments and the most important monuments of the medieval monastery is St. Trojica ( three male) and Hussein Pasha Mosque . The monastery dating from the late fifteenth and early 16th century, though its existence is linked to the duration Nemanjić state, Hussein Pasha Mosque , built 1569 years with a 42 -meter high minaret and extraordinary exterior and interior design is one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings in the Balkans.

DAY 5 - 6     BUDVA
Here we do not have much to write , this city must be seen. Our next visit to the coastal town of Budva in Montenegro. Budva is 2,500 years old, one of the oldest and most popular resorts on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. This bustling beach town is known for its sandy beaches , historic old town, diverse nightlife , and beautiful examples of Mediterranean architecture .

DAY 7 - 9     KOTOR
We will take a day trip to the picturesque Kotor, a fortified city that lies on the bottom of the deepest fjord in Europe. The Old Town , The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the tricky maze of cobbled streets , squares and old churches, including the Cathedral of St. Tryphon was built in 1166. The mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to this beautiful city to come down a steep , almost in the water.

DAY 10 – 12    DUBROVNIK
In the south , Croatian, we visit the " Pearl of the Adriatic " , UNESCO listed fortified city of Dubrovnik. Good start for your research Dubrovnik can be a walk around the city walls . There are several other historical sites worth visiting near the main street (Stradun ), such as Franciscan 14 's, there is a treasure trove full of sacred art and artifacts, as well as one of the oldest functioning pharmacy in the world, dating back to

Mostar was named after the bridge keepers ( originally : Mostari ) kept the Stari Most (Old Bridge ) over Neretva river. The city is famous for the beautiful cantilever bridge , the old bridge , which collapsed into the Neretva River in the Yugoslav war in 1993. Built in 1556 by the Ottoman ruler Suleiman the Magnificent , the old bridge was a globally recognized landmark and a national symbol in Bosnia - Herzegovina.

DAY 14 -15     SARAJEVO / Departure
We are again back in Sarajevo. The last day of the trip was simply the day of arrival without any organized activities . If you have time to look at some of the sights before your departure from this adventure.


Trip Notes

Code for the trip: MT15D - 001 - MA

Validity: All year

Place and time of entry:

  • Airport: If you arrive by plane, travel guide welcomes you in the arrivals hall of the airport on time, as specified in the voucher, program or by appointment.

  • Hotels & Accommodations: If you are already in a hotel / accommondation, embarkation time agreed at the time of the agreement, or contact us for accurate information.

  • Other: If you're going on tour with overnight stay ( the first night) on their own, by car or bus to the residents can come anytime after 12.00 . The welcome meeting is scheduled for 20:00 at hotel / accommodation . Please check our website or travel agency , where and when will be a welcoming reception .

  • If you're going on tour without staying overnight the first night ( overnight is last night after the program ) the welcome meeting will be held before breakfast (about 7:00 ) , and boarding is after frukost.Vänligen check this on our website or travel agent for the trip exact time and place of the meeting .

  • If you can not find transportation to get to us , we will be happy to book transportation (subject to availability ) .


  • Airport, under contract or travel program. Get information on the site if you have not in the voucher, your guide on arrival can give you more details about the tour.


  • Airport, under contract or travel program. Your guide can give you more information about the tour and any other information you want.


  • 15 days / 14 nights ( can be changed to 8 , 21 or more days).


  • Please show your voucher to your tour guide at the beginning of the trip.

Booking confirmation:

  • Please contact the Montenegro Adventure Travel to confirm your booking 48 hours before departure.

Participants in the trip:

  • Individual passengers of mixed nationalities.

Clothes: - Standard plus

  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the trip. Hat or cap, sunscreen and appropriate sun protection clothing is required during warmer months. A small umbrella or raincoat for rain will be useful in case of light rain. The weather in the mountains of Balkan can be very unpredictable. Please prepare for various weather conditions.

Children: -Policy

  • Children under 2 are not allowed on this tour.


  • English ( other languages, as Swedish upon request).


  • Euro

Tip (Gratuity): - Information

  • If you are satisfied with the services of a tour guide, local guides and drivers, tipping is appropriate - but not mandatory.


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The price includes:

  • Transport vehicles with high tourist class
  • Tour guide, local guides / driver (English speaking, other languages on request)
  • 9 x accommodation on BB basis in 1/2 rooms in hotels 4 *
  • 3 x accommodation on HB basis in 1/2 room in hotel 4 * 
  • 2 x accommodation on FB basis in 1/2 room in hotel 4 *
  • Organization, VAT, insurance   

Price does not include:

  • Airline Tickets
  • Additional services
  • and all other expenses not
    included in the program


More details:

  • To realize the arrangement must be at least 4 people (contact us for info)
  • Group 8 + has a discount of 5-10% to the basic price
  • The program can be changed (eg, due of the traffic, etc.)
  • The program time can be adjusted if needed (eg conditions, service, etc.)
  • If possible we can pick you up along the way or organizing bus connection, taxi (for a fee) for individuals and groups from other cities. (see our route)


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