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Adriatico is a travel agency that arranges different types of trips that are specially designed and tailored for those who want an active vacation, adventure or experience in countries surrounding the Adriatic coast and the Balkan Peninsula. Our specialty is a unique travel concept focusing primarily on nature, in mountains and sea, to individual and group tours, and our trips are completely flexible so you can customize your trip according to your own necessary.

All this is possible, thanks to our new unique partnership, where we provide the best actors in the tourism industry, and therefore can guarantee the best quality and prices.

Our team of friendly and experienced staff believe that activities and experience in combination with nature, culture and exciting history can be the best memorable holiday. We possesses broad expertise through experienced and professional guides who are specially trained in rafting, hiking and wilderness experience, guides that meet our guest quality and know how to put service and the guest above all else.

It's up to you how your vacation will look like and how much do you want to become active. If you like to keep you in time, at your own pace all the time and all days, we fix this too. has been available since 2003 and from the beginning we did travel with a focus on individual and group events with adventures and activities in surrounding the Adriatic coast and the Balkan Peninsula. Since then we have grown, both for passengers and number of activities. Today, we have our own arrangements and 2016, we estimate that offer some 20 trips around the Adriatic coast and on several destinations in the surroundings.

We have private travel if you want to have a vacation with your friends or family with a private driver and guide, but we 've also " classic" package and group tours that can be adapted to the activity or themes. When necessary, we share group travel in small groups from 2 up to 20 people, so you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Can you not find a suitable trip that's right for you, contact us and reveal your wishes and we will do our best to come to meet and organize a special trip according to your wishes and needs.


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Adriatico Short Break

The popular tourist destination of Montenegro and Croatia, one of the smallest countries in Europe known for its natural beauty, beautiful coastline and beaches, the ruins of the Venetian Fortress and hospitable people, is everything you could want on their holiday.

When the country was part of socialist Yugoslavia was popular for the jet set and famous movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone and royalty such as Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth, who flocked to the delightful Montenegrin coast. However, tourism has been down during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s and then began to recover in 2006, when the country became independent and today again the coast is the driving force in a country with a rapidly increasing number of tourists. Travel World predicts that the expected increase in the number of tourists by 10% per year over the next 10 years. However, the availability of this European jewel slip away as the increased number of tourists and Montenegro once again aiming for affluent travelers and attract wealthy jet-setters.

Experience the nature, history and culture of Montenegro on a tour of eight days and seven nights, which includes accommodation with breakfast, transfers and tours with a guide on the Montenegrin coast in popular places like Kotor, Budva, Ulcinj. A unique tour you will have, in many ways, that certainly will not leave you indifferent and will provide great memories from your vacation in a meeting with Montenegro.

Montenegro has a fantastic nature, crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches but also magnificent national parks, high mountains, towering canyons and beautiful scenery with the best opportunities for active holidays. The Montenegrin mountain invites to activities such as hiking, biking and rock climbing but rafting in the famous Tara canyon is the second largest canyon in the world is the best experience.

Follow on tour with Montenegro Adventure through Montenegro and discover an exciting country with a trip filled with activities nature, culture and history.


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Here you can see Itinerary and Facilities and the most important information about this offer. If you want to know more then you can find more in the other titles beside this. If you can not find what you want to know, then please contact us.


DAY 1Day 1 description


  • Activity 1 with description
  • Activity 2 with description
  • Activity 3 with description


  • Activity 4 with description
  • Activity 5 with description
  • Activity 6 with description
DAY 2Day 2 description


  • Activity 1 with description
  • Activity 2 with description
  • Activity 3 with description


  • Activity 4 with description
  • Activity 5 with description
  • Activity 6 with description



  • Transport vehicles with high tourist class
  • Tour guide, local guides / driver (English speaking, other languages on request)
  • Transfer from airport to hotel and back.
  • Breakfast every day.
  • Hotel 7 nights in 3 or 4-star hotels on BB basis.
  • Trip to the Bay of Kotor
  • Budva Riviera trip
  • Bar trip and Ulcinj Riviera
  • Cetinje trip and Lovćen
  • Organization, VAT, insurance

Not included

  • Airline Tickets
  • Additional services
  • All other expenses not included in the program

More details

  • To realize the arrangement, least 4 people max 16 (larger groups on request)
  • Group 8 + has a discount of 5-10% to the basic price
  • The program can be changed (eg, due of the traffic, the safety etc.)
  • The program time can be adjusted if needed (eg conditions, service, etc.)
  • If possible we can pick you up along the way or organizing bus connection, taxi (for a fee) for individuals and groups from other cities. (see our route)
  • Montenegro Adventure keeps right to change hotels according to booking of stated hotels.
  • Montenegro Adventure keeps right to change price if service providers change prices and if exchange rate kn-euro changes in more than 3%


Here you can see the most important details and information relating to your offer. If you can not find the information or want to know more, please contact us.


  • MT8D - 002 - MA


  • From 1. April to 30. Oktober

Place and time of entry

  • Airport: If you arrive by plane, travel guide welcomes you in the arrivals hall of the airport on time, as specified in the voucher, program or by appointment.
  • Hotels & Accommodations: If you are already in a hotel / accommondation, embarkation time agreed at the time of the agreement, or contact us for accurate information.
  • Other: If you're going on tour with overnight stay ( the first night) on their own, by car or bus to the residents can come anytime after 12.00. The welcome meeting is scheduled for 20:00 at hotel / accommodation. Please check our website or travel agency, where and when will be a welcoming reception.
  • If you're going on tour without staying overnight the first night ( overnight is last night after the program ) the welcome meeting will be held before breakfast (about 7:00 ), and boarding is after frukost. Vänligen check this on our website or travel agent for the trip exact time and place of the meeting.
  • If you can not find transportation to get to us, we will be happy to book transportation (subject to availability ).

Start & Finish

  • Start: Airport, under contract or travel program. Get information on the site if you have not in the voucher, your guide on arrival can give you more details about the tour.
  • Finish: Airport, under contract or travel program. Your guide can give you more information about the tour and any other information you want.


  • 8 days / 7 nights ( can be changed to 4 , 10, 15 or more days).


  • Please show your voucher to your tour guide at the beginning of the trip.

Booking confirmation

  • Please contact the Travel agent to confirm your booking 48 hours before departure.

Participants in the trip

  • Individual passengers of mixed nationalities.


  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the trip. Hat or cap, sunscreen and appropriate sun protection clothing is required during warmer months. A small umbrella or raincoat for rain will be useful in case of light rain. The weather in the mountains of Montenegro can be very unpredictable. Please prepare for various weather conditions.


  • Children with parents or guardians.


  • Euro

Tip (Gratuity)

  • If you are satisfied with the services of a tour guide, local guides and drivers, tipping is appropriate - but not mandatory.


  • Other...

More info

Here you can see other informations relating to your offer. If you can not find the information, or want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Questions and Answers

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Question 3

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Availability & Price

Here you can see our prices and Availability and all other informations that can be useful to know or follow. If you can not find prices and availability or want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


1390,00 €1290,00 €1250,00 €1250,00 €1250,00 €1390,00 €1250,00 €1250,00 €


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